DIEP Flap Patient Experiences

In looking back it is interesting to note the various backgrounds that my patients have come from and the host of activities that they have participated in. One of the patients was a rower who has continued to row after having had a bilateral breast reconstruction. Another patient was a 28 year old who was BRCA positive with a terrible family history. She had bilateral prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction and was waiting until after she had children to have her ovaries removed. She has run a marathon. Multiple patients have had children after their mastectomies with no hernias occurring during or after the pregnancy. One woman in her 50's was on a women's ice hockey league. She told me she had no pain postoperatively because everything hurt much less than being hit by the puck. One of my patients, who is an artist, showed me a picture that her child had drawn of her when she was in chemotherapy. It was Mommy with no hair, but it was still Mommy.

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The majority of my patients feel very strongly about their experience with breast cancer and reconstruction and are very open about sharing that experience. They are positive and assertive. Former patients have raised enough money so that the hospital could purchase a new microscope that was optimal for doing DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Many patients are willing to share their experience. Some will e-mail, some will talk to new patients, some will visit patients in the hospital, and some will write about their experience. My patients' experiences have been written about in local newspapers, Mamm Magazine, and in multiple books. If you would like to talk with a woman who has had DIEP flap breast reconstruction, I encourage you to contact us online or give us a call at 516-482-1100 and we can put you in touch with a past patient.

Some patients have offered their email addresses for others to correspond with for patient to patient questions: