Meet Dr. Keller

Dr. Alex KellerDr. Alex Keller, a nationally-recognized plastic surgeon specializes in a variety of breast reconstruction surgery techniques, including reconstruction using a woman's own tissue. Their high success rate with these complex procedures can be attributed to extensive training, experience, and dedication to each patient's wellbeing.

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Am I Likely to Be a Candidate?

Actual PatientAfter breast cancer, many women aren't sure whether reconstruction is right for them. "I'm a very active person," says Jane. "I wanted to learn about reconstructive techniques that would maintain my freedom and flexibility. I was a candidate for the DIEP flap technique, and it was the right choice for me." Learn if you are a candidate by getting in touch with our office.

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DIEP Flap Technique

Click on the following links to learn why DIEP flap breast reconstruction is considered by many to be the most advanced and effective of the flap reconstruction procedures.

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