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When facing your recovery path, remember: You are not alone. Dr. Tanna recognizes the power of learning from others who have completed their journey before you. We want to connect you with other women who have had breast reconstruction, so you can benefit from shared experiences and outcomes. We recognize how important is to connect with others to learn from them and empower yourself.

Dr. Tanna is committed to patient support and advocacy and has an unwavering commitment to each patient. For assistance in your journey to recovery, he and his staff offer outstanding support, compassion, and care throughout the breast reconstruction process.


After finding out she carries the BRCA2 gene, Kristina empowered herself by having a preventative double mastectomy. Initially, she was told she was not a good candidate for breast reconstruction with her own tissue. With another provider, she originally underwent implant-based breast reconstruction. Over time, as an active mom, wife and teacher, and someone who enjoys exercise and fitness, the asymmetry, deformity and disproportion she was left with is something Kristina decided she needed to change. This decision led her to meet with Dr. Tanna to discuss her options for either revisionary surgery or other reconstruction options.

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At 43 years old, Louise was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. She was healthy before her diagnosis with no family history or indication of breast cancer. With two young children, being a mom, wife and teacher, she required a mastectomy. After meeting with her breast surgeon, she decided to pursue breast reconstruction.

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"It was the most uplifting experience"

- Louise S.


Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Initially, she decided on a double mastectomy with implant-based breast reconstruction with another surgeon. As a wife and active mom of three, the pain and animation deformity from her first surgery was unacceptable and affecting her daily life. After much research, Tracy was led from out of town to Dr. Tanna to discuss her options.

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Pam has a strong family history of breast cancer and found out a family member was diagnosed as BRCA2 positive. This led her to obtain gene testing for herself. Her test results came back and she too was diagnosed as BRCA2 positive. Pam is a wife and mother of three very young children. During her consultation with Dr. Tanna all her options were discussed.

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Gail is a mother of two, a wife and a professor with a full plate. In April of 2018 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After meeting with Dr. Tanna, gathering the education and tools necessary to make the best decision for her, Gail scheduled her double mastectomy with simultaneous DIEP flap breast reconstruction in 2018 at 55 years old.

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Kate is a very busy mother of three children and the wife of a husband who is equally as involved. She has a significant family history of breast cancer and received the news she tested positive for a gene mutation making her susceptible to develop breast cancer. Since she didn’t have breast cancer, she would settle for nothing less than the best. While Kate was a good candidate for flap reconstruction, she didn’t have enough excess body fat to create the breast volume she desired. In 2019, at age 48, Kate had a preventative double mastectomy with hybrid breast reconstruction – meaning flap reconstruction performed at the same time as small implant placement.

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"He explained everything & his staff was amazing!"

- Tracy R.


In 2017, Pauline went for her routine mammogram. She was told something suspicious needed to be watched closely in one of her breasts. Later that year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While Pauline lives out of state, her research led her to Dr. Tanna to explore her breast reconstruction options.

During her meeting with Dr. Tanna, Pauline was able to learn about all of her breast reconstruction choices. After considering all of her options, she moved forward with a double mastectomy and implant reconstruction. The implants are in a pre-pectoral position (above the muscle), which has been more comfortable with her activity level as an enthusiastic wife, mother, and grandmother.

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Elodie is not only a mom; she is a world traveler, chef, and Ironman Triathlete. She also has the BRCA2 gene with a strong family history of breast cancer. Elodie met with Dr. Tanna to discuss her options for breast reconstruction.

After assembling her surgical team, Elodie underwent the country’s first robotic double mastectomy with direct to implant pre-pectoral (above the muscle) breast reconstruction in 2018. The surgery was at her preference of being as minimally invasive as possible. Elodie is more than willing to speak with women who are considering breast reconstruction for preventative purposes or with breast cancer diagnoses to help spread awareness and education.

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