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Nipple and areola reconstruction is an important step in your breast reconstruction. In cases where the nipple and areola have been removed (skin sparing mastectomy), there are excellent options to rebuild the nipple areola complex.

How it works


The nipple can be reconstructed with the skin that is found at the breast reconstruction site to create a nipple projection that will have a natural position, size, and shape. The skin and soft tissue overlying the newly reconstructed breast can be cut and folded, similar to a Japanese origami puzzle, to create the nipple. The areola can be reconstructed from the skin at the breast reconstruction site. Harvesting skin or tissue from other areas of the body are not necessary.

3D Micropigmentation

Several weeks following the nipple and areola reconstruction, the nipple and areola can be 3D tattooed to achieve a natural-looking variation in color—the final step in nipple and areola reconstruction. This is a simple, painless procedure performed in the office. Just like all the other breast reconstruction surgeries, nipple and areola reconstruction is covered by insurance. Finally, nipple areola reconstruction involves minimal patient discomfort and creates a truly natural appearance for a fully restored breast.

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