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Using your own tissue (e.g. with a DIEP or PAP flap) for breast reconstruction offers several advantages over purely implant-based breast reconstruction. However, this method may not be ideal for all women. In particular, traditional flap reconstruction may not offer enough volume for thinner women. In other words, there may be women who are candidates for a flap reconstruction, but the volume the donor site can offer (abdomen or thigh) is less than the native breast size or is smaller than the breast volume the woman desires after surgery. This may be particularly apparent in bilateral breast reconstructions.

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The HyFIL (Hybrid Flap, Implant, Lipofilling) breast reconstruction technique is an innovative technique developed by Dr. Neil Tanna that combines the following into one integrated procedure:

  • a flap (i.e. DIEP or PAP flap),
  • pre-pectoral implant, and
  • fat transfer (lipofilling).

With HyFIL, the reconstructed breast size after surgery is no longer limited by the volume of the flap donor site (i.e. amount of tissue at the abdomen or thigh). In our HyFIL™ Breast Reconstruction procedure, a small silicone round implant is inserted in front of the chest pectoralis major muscle (pre-pectoral) and secured in place with acellular dermal matrix. A free flap taken from the abdomen (DIEP flap) is then placed over the implant. By placing an implant under the flap, the size and projection of the reconstructed breast can be dramatically improved. Fat transfer (lipofilling) is utilized to improve the appearance and contour of the breasts as needed.

The HyFIL breast reconstruction combines the benefits of flap and implant-based breast reconstruction. The flap provides supple soft tissue to provide a natural result, while the implant provides desired breast projection. In addition, the flap covering the implant reduces unwanted side effects of the implant such as rippling, visibility, and palpability. By performing HyFIL™, Dr. Tanna can help you safely attain your desired breast size after surgery, without being restricted by the limitations of traditional flap-based or implant-based breast reconstruction.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction New York

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