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Treating breast cancer requires team work, collaboration, and coordination. It involves several medical professionals from different disciplines, including:

Your interdisciplinary breast cancer treatment team

Breast Surgeon or Surgical Oncologist: The breast surgeon responsible for removing the cancerous tissue by performing a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Medical Oncologist: Only if needed, a medical oncologist will provide chemotherapy treatment.

Radiologist: The radiologist uses imaging, such as MRI, sonogram, or ultrasound to evaluate your breasts and lymph nodes so the best treatment can be planned.

Nurse Navigator: Your nurse navigator coordinates the healthcare team involved in your treatment, facilitating coordination amongst the members of your treatment team.

Plastic Surgeon (Breast Reconstruction Surgeon): The Plastic Surgeon performs breast reconstruction surgery at the same time as the lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Radiation Oncologist: Only if needed, a radiation oncologist will provide radiation treatments.

Genetic Specialist: A genetic specialist assists in determining if you are at higher risk of developing breast cancer due to a genetic mutation.

Physical Therapist: After surgery, a physical therapist may work with you to help you regain strength, activity, and range of motion.

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