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Breast reconstruction is a vital aspect in recovery from breast cancer. In contemporary Plastic Surgery, new surgical techniques and innovations have been developed that result in extremely natural-looking reconstructed breasts. Long Island Breast Surgeon, Dr. Neil Tanna, is focused upon helping women reach this critical final step in the journey to recovery following a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Innovator. Author. Educator.

New York Breast Reconstruction

Neil Tanna, MD

Dr. Tanna is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with a professional reputation for surgical excellence. He performs the most advanced surgical techniques in breast reconstruction. With his extensive professional qualifications and as an author, educator, and innovator, he is often called upon to educate other plastic surgeons in modern surgical techniques for breast reconstruction. Beyond his exceptional credentials and professional standing in the Plastic Surgery field, his personal dedication to his patients and their future happiness is the driving force behind his professional practice.

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The Patient Experience

Our entire team of medical professionals is committed to providing a positive, compassionate, and gratifying patient experience. We believe that each step in the journey to recovery should be managed with the utmost care and personal attention. Your experience with our team matters deeply to us, and we want you to feel safe, confident, and cared for, from start to finish.

We work with each individual patient to fully understand their needs, desires, and concerns.

- Neil Tanna, MD

Your Treatment: A Journey to Full Recovery

At our Plastic Surgery center in New York, we work closely with your cancer treatment team in the planning of your breast reconstruction surgery. A breast cancer diagnosis is a frightening situation and can be overwhelming. Women often feel bombarded with information and may struggle to decide on how to best move forward with reconstruction. We are committed to providing you the most detailed information throughout the entire process, both before and after reconstructive surgery.


Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Innovative Procedures for Beautiful Results

Dr. Neil Tanna is an authority on breast reconstruction surgery. He is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, and Associate Program Director of Plastic Surgery with Northwell Health. A respected author and educator, he holds credentials above and beyond many other practitioners who perform breast reconstruction. His passion for innovation has resulted in frequent national and international media appearances, including television and award-winning newspapers and magazines. He is certified both in Plastic Surgery and Microvascular Surgery, as well as deeply familiar with the most advanced microvascular surgery procedures that allow for breast reconstruction with natural tissue. Please feel free to learn more about some of the most common questions regarding breast reconstruction.

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