Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery Techniques

There are basically three different techniques for breast cancer reconstruction. Instead of surgery, women may choose to wear a prosthesis that fits into a bra. Until 30 years ago, this is what most women did. Today there are two other choices:

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  • Many women still choose reconstruction with a breast implant. In some cases a tissue expander is inserted prior to placing the implant to gradually stretch the skin and make room for the implant.
  • An increasing number of women are choosing one of the flap reconstruction techniques for a natural-looking and feeling breast. These include TRAM flap, DIEP flap, and GAP flap. With the use of a flap, the recosntructed breast mound is created by moving tissue from other areas of the body to the chest. All of these breast reconstruction surgery techniques require blood supply going to the tissue to keep it healthy.

Keep in mind that there are many variations of these techniques. It is important to understand that your surgeon should have the skill to personalize his or her surgical approach to create results that are attractive and very functional. After reconstruction of the breast itself, many women choose to have nipple reconstruction to create a breast that looks as natural as possible.

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