About the Practice and Staff

My practice and office staff is small and friendly. We know every one of our patients. We know their family and in many cases have often treated other members in the family. I strongly believe that we are not a "mill" for breast cancer reconstruction. My interest is in doing the best reconstruction possible and not the most reconstructions. My staff and I take great pride in the work and care that we provide.

Kelly, my physician's assistant, is a godsend. Even with three young children at home, she has the energy and the caring for each and every patient. Whether she is taking out sutures, assisting me in the operating room, or coloring in a nipple reconstruction she is always cheery and with a smile.

Victoria is a great all around support person for the office. She knows medical insurance inside and out and has worked for surgical practices in the past. She loves patients and greets you when you come in with a smile.

Having such an excellent staff makes my job so much easier and greatly improves the quality of care we provide!

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