Poland's Syndrome

Poland's Syndrome is a rarely recognized syndrome characterized by underdevelopment of one breast and the underlying pectoralis muscle. There may be an underlying developmental problem with the ribs and or breast bone (sternum) as well. Rarely there are also developmental problems with the upper extremity. Patients, especially women, with the most mild form of Poland's often appear normal except for marked underdevelopment of a breast. The underlying pectoralis muscle is usually also underdeveloped but unrecognized.

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Many women have the aesthetic challenges they face corrected, even without a Poland's diagnosis being made, by having a breast implant placed. Often the correction is only borderline because of the tight skin envelope and smaller nipple-areolar complex. In some women, breast implants are replaced multiple times because of implant failures or a poor aesthetic result. Some women have sought a better, natural and permanent reconstruction. The DIEP flap offers such an answer. With the DIEP flap a soft natural breast can be created.

Case Study

The photos in this case study show a patient with Poland's syndrome who has had a breast reconstruction with an implant. The implant has depressed the rib cage. The breast implant was removed prior to the "before" images. The bottom photos show the right breast reconstructed with a DIEP flap. The left breast also has been lifted slightly. There is no implant. Some of the scars are still red and will fade further.

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For more information, I encourage you to read common questions about Poland's Syndrome. The FAQ page also lists a few Web sites particularly relevant to Poland's Syndrome. To find out if flap reconstruction can help you, click here to request a phone consultation from Dr. Keller, a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive flap procedures.