What makes breast cancer reconstruction interesting for me is being in the forefront of where we are today. It was not too many years ago, and certainly within my years of practice, that breast reconstruction was primitive. Being a leader in this field comes with the responsibility of giving back and teaching others. It is for this reason that I have presented at conferences and written in peer reviewed journals.

I have written and presented about when and how to do the DIEP flap, I have presented and published new ideas about how to improve the drainage of the flap, I have presented when not to do the DIEP flap, I have presented the effects of radiation on the DIEP flap and the timing of when to do the DIEP flap in the face of previous or pending radiation treatment. The current interest that I am pursuing is better design and monitoring of the DIEP flap using noninvasive tissue oximetry. Below are some of the articles that I have had published recently. Other presentations can be found in my professional résumé.

Dr. Keller's Articles

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