Travel Support

Many of the patients who I treat are not from the area. We are lucky in that we are located 20 minutes from New York City, and 20 minutes from both JFK and La Guardia airports. There are many good hotels in the area. There are also good, moderately priced accommodations that we can recommend. We have a relationship with The Atria, a local care facility, where some patients from out of the area have stayed. This facility can accommodate both the recuperating patient and the spouse or support person.

Meals and additional nursing care can be provided if desired. There are good local restaurants, many within walking distance of the hotels, that many patients have enjoyed while recuperating. A patient who needs to travel more than five hours by car is asked to stay in this area or five to seven days after they leave the hospital before returning to home.

To find out more about traveling to the New York metro area for breast reconstruction, click here to request a phone consultation from Dr. Keller, a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive flap procedures. You can also call the practice at 516-482-1100 to schedule an appointment.